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As trends go, 2018 is already shaping up to be huge for e-commerce. With the recent passage of Tax Reform legislation, more money will be available in the pocketbooks of several million Americans.  Some speculate that folks will start to notice changes in their paycheck as soon as January of 2018.  With that, is your online store ready to take advantage of the windfall?  According to Chris Hickman, Subscription-based Services will continue to grow based on the successes of Netflix, Hulu, Dollar Shave Club and others.  Subscriptions create a recurring revenue stream for your business.  If customers like your product, they will buy into the “keep me stocked” mentality.

Of course, in order to get customers, you have to employ the necessary tactics to get their eyes on your product. That involves targeting your audience with ads and email campaigns.  It might take a little extra effort, but experts suggest focusing on making your website mobile-friendly.  Mobile trends have climbed steadily since 2009, according to statistics website Statista.com. In 2009, the percentage of all global web pages served to mobile phones was less than 1%.  In 2017, that percentage is 50.3%.  Note, that is only mobile phone and does not include tablet data.  So, as mobile use continues to grow, your business should trend with that accordingly.

Good luck in 2018.  The trends seem to suggest lots of money-making opportunity and Picknology is here to help!  Let us know how we can help.

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